Fabric and Canvas Roof cleaning and Renovation

Here at Cleaner Cars we specialise in fabric and canvas roof cleaning and renovation which include Deep Cleaning, Soft-top Recolouring and Fabric Ultra Proofing. 

Deep Cleaning

Only carried out when booked with a valet. (UNLESS YOU COME TO US)

Fabric safe chemicals used

Green mildew removed

Bird soil and lichen removed

£40.00 plus VAT

Soft-top recolouring

Will need a deep clean first.

Fabric roof soft-top reviver used

Black, blue, green and red colours

Reviver restores roofs original colour

Delivers like new appearance

£40.00 plus VAT

Fabric ultra proofing

Will need a deep clean first.

Waterproof protecting coating

Surface more resistant to UV-light

Resistant to mould and mildew

Reinstates original protective coating

£35.00 plus VAT



Water Beading Test