Car Odour Removal

We are extremely successful at removing odours from car interiors. We have exclusive products that have been created for us, for the use in cars. They are fast working, safe and effective.


Milk Spillage’s

If you have spilt, up to 1/2 pint of milk on the seats, in the boot or carpets, this can cause the most horrendous of smells and needs to be treated quickly and effectively by us. Under no circumstances use water to dilute the milk, just mop up as much as possible.

If you spill more than 1 pint on the carpets, then the milk may have seeped through to the soundproofing underneath (matted or sponge material). We may have to lift the carpets and in extreme cases remove them completely. This will mean we may have to have the car at our premises for up to 36 hours.

If the milk spillage was due to a faulty bottle top your friendly supermarket may reimburse you.

Sickness, Urine, Blood and other bodily fluids.

We use Chemspec Formula 429. This is the best product on the market and we are most probably the only company using this product in the South. It is no good just cleaning these spillages the bacteria has to be killed.

This remarkable product safely achieves the tough objectives associated with the battle against harmful and even dangerous bacteria whilst satisfying the stringent biocidal legislation being implemented in the near future. This product is used in hospital decontamination.

Cigarette Smoke

This is effectively removed with a complete interior valet with an additional smoke eraser. We however highly recommend our Odour Fogger and Air conditioning cleaner ; this gets to the air ducts and kills off the smells in these. If your Pollen or cabin filter is internal we recommend this is changed ( we can provide and do it ) . We also use a ULV Fogger which blasts out a ultra fine mist getting deep into everywhere.

Diesel Spillages

In 2011 we successfully removed diesel spillages from three cars. This involved the removing of the interiors to get to the contamination underneath the carpets. The smell and contamination was completely removed from all vehicles.

Dog Smelling Cars

Often a car is bought and later when the masking agents have extinguished (as used by car dealers and other valeters ), the dog smell returns. This needs to be treated by our exclusive Bio enzyme treatment to remove it permanently. We use the most powerful one in the industry as these cars can really smell. Please see our customer story below.

Customer stories:

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We highly recommend the use of Odour Fogger and Air conditioning cleaner.

Our Chemical pack just to remove odours from cars

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