Car and Vehicle Odour Removal

Here at Cleaner Cars we specialise removing many different car odours including cigarette smoke, dog smells, milk spillages, sickness, urine, blood and other bodily fluid, diesel and petrol spillages, and other odours. 

Expand the sections below to find out more information on our process and our results. 

If you have spilt, up to 1/2 pint of milk on the seats, in the boot or carpets, this can cause the most horrendous of smells and needs to be treated quickly and effectively by us. Under no circumstances use water to dilute the milk as this will spread it, just mop up as much as possible.

If you spill more than 1 pint on the carpets, then the milk may have seeped through to the soundproofing underneath (matted or sponge material). We may have to lift the carpets and in extreme cases remove them completely.

If the milk spillage was due to a faulty bottle top your friendly supermarket may reimburse you.

We use two of the best products on the market, one for killing bacteria and one for killing viruses. It is not satisfactory just cleaning these spillages the bacteria and viruses have to be killed. One of the products we use is recommended for hospital deep cleaning. 

With our 30 years of experience we have developed a system to remove smoke odours from the vehicle. 

We carry out our interior valet but add a chemical that is specifically developed for nicotine removal.  We pay particular attention to the steering wheel, front seat belts, headlining, dashboard, and sun visors. We then use a ULV fogging machine which sends out a high velocity of ultra-fine particles to get to places where it’s hard to clean. This includes deep into headlining, underneath seats and front foot wells where there are air vents. 

If there is any smell at all coming from the air vents we will need to change pollen filter and carry out air con clean.

We have successfully removed diesel and petrol spillages from many cars. This involves removing the interiors to get to the contamination underneath the carpets. The smell and contamination will be completely removed from your vehicle.

This BMW 3 series was bought by a customer and it smelled ok. As the odour masking agents evaporated there was a strong smell of diesel. There had been a diesel spillage on the front passenger footwell, and though the carpets did not smell of diesel, when they were lifted up there was the smell.


Often a car is bought and later when the masking agents have extinguished (as used by car dealers and other valeters ), the dog smell returns. This needs to be treated by our exclusive Bio enzyme treatment to remove it permanently. We use the most powerful one in the industry as these cars can really smell. Please see our customer story below.

“I bought this car from a local garage, but it smelled of dogs. On collection it still smelled of dogs but with a heavy masking smell. They said they would clean it again. Three weeks and three attempts later, it still smelt. A search on the internet found me Cleaner Cars.. The dealer agreed to pay them and now my car smells Fresh like new.”  ~ Malcolm


When we received the car, it was clean in appearance, but the smell was horrible. There were two fans in the boot of the car which were used as extraction and cooling fans, so consequently the dog hair and dust was spread underneath all the trim and hadn’t been cleaned. The whole of the boot area had to be stripped down and cleaned with our bio enzyme treatment.. The result was a fresh clean car. Please note this is the worst case we have come across in 30 years but we weren’t to be beaten. 

We put in a lot of effort in finding the source of odours for you. For example…

This BMW 3 series came to us with a smell of a tar like substance which built up during the day. A lot of investigation went into finding the cause of the smell. It was found to be between the headlining and the roof. When removing the headlining, lots of spot welds were found which were used to repair the roof (car had been rolled in a crash).

The soundproofing had been glued to the roof using incorrect glue, and as the sun heated the roof it gave off a tar like smell. Replacing the soundproofing and using the correct glue solved this problem.