Surface and Air-Conditioning Sterilizing

This is an excellent product for your car.
It is for removing odours from the ventillation system and ducts in your car caused by the build up of bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds and tobbacco residue wether you have air con or not.

It also helps deodorise upholstery and carpets giving a fesh new smell to your car. If anyone has smoked in your car this is a must have product along with an interior valet.

We discharge a can of the product in your car, with the ventillation system set on recirculate. This draws the product through all the ventillation ducts of your cars system killing all the bad odours.

£15 plus vat

Other Benefits below:

Get protection from SICK CAR SYNDROME!

Sick Car Syndrome can be detrimental to everyone, especially small children, the elderly and those with asthma or respiratory problems.

Sick Car Syndrome is a reality, and masking the odour from your ventilation system will not protect you.

Lurking within the air conditioner’s filter and ventilation system are viruses, bacteria, moulds, mildew, spores, fungi and odour-causing bacteria – causing a condition known as Sick Car Syndrome. When you use the heater or air conditioning, the unit’s evaporator and filter system becomes a moist environment which is a breeding ground for bacteria.

As you drive, bacteria and pollutants enter the vents, get trapped in the moisture and accumulate. The bacteria multiply, producing unhealthy air and that unpleasant odour that first enters the airspace when you switch on your ventilation system. Sometimes the smell disappears, but that doesn’t mean the bacteria have disappeared.

The solution is to use an air conditioning and sterilising treatment. It destroys the bacteria, moulds, mildew, spores, fungi and odour-causing germs in the damp confines of your air conditioner’s filter and ventilation system and removes foul odours, including cigarette and cigar smoke.

It is also a surface sterilizing agent that kills bacteria, moulds, mildew, spores, fungi and odour-causing germs on contact. Because it is an aerosol application it will deliver G-cide to all parts of a car interior, The application can last for up to 6 months.

£15 plus VAT

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