Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the repairs last?
We offer our own “lifetime” guarantee to our customers, i.e. “if you still own the vehicle, it’s still guaranteed”. SSR will not fall out, wash out, or even power-wash out. Guaranteed!

Will SSR work on deep scratches?
SSR will put paint in the scratch. How good the repair is will have a number of dependencies, such as, how deep and wide the scratch is.. We will always do our best to repair the scratch. In a nut shell, SSR will repair about 80% of scratches.

What can you do for the chips on my car?
When it comes to ‘totally peppered’ bonnets, SSR is totally unrivalled! The results can only be described as breathtaking. We have repaired many of otherwise unsalvageable bonnets and SSR never fails to impress us! Every time!

Okay, it won’t repair large chips, but hey, what will? If your car is an unusual colour or has large chips we will need a paint code and there will be a £25 surcharge

You can also email us a picture of the damage in need of repair and we will email back with an estimated quote. Please take a close up of the area and then another of the vehicle allowing us to see the size.

  • No spraying means its environmentally friendly
  • Enables the repair of bonnets, doors and roofs, which ordinarily would have to be completely re-sprayed
  • Provides excellent results at a fraction of the cost of a conventional sprayed repair.
  • Colour match is no longer a problem as only the scratch itself is repaired – there is no need for the paint to be blended across several panels in order to achieve a visual colour match.

Have a look at these examples of just how effective this excellent system is:

View Scratch & Repair Gallery

There are other ways of treating the scratch, but they cost more, take longer and there are always the potential the repair could go wrong and cost you more again.

With SSR you can’t go wrong, no possibility of overspray, very little chance you could break through the clear coat to the base coat. We add paint we don’t take it away.

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