Different Scratch Repair methods

Flat & Polish

The traditional way to remove minor scratches. First of all, “flat” the scratch with 2000 wet and dry. Then buff with an abrasive such as G3 polish. It works, but exceptional care must be taken so as not to “cut through” the clear coat. This also removes vast amounts of lacquer that was applied originally by the factory and if the scratch has gone through the lacquer this technique will not succeed, where as SSR fills the scratch.

Special Spray-On Formulas

These techniques are generally referred to as SMART repairs, spraying anything onto vehicles requires great skill to obtain a satisfactory result. Another downside is the paint needs to be colour matched exactly with the existing finish. As with any spraying outside the paint picks up the surrounding dust and many panels get oversprayed


Now try any of these techniques with a complete bonnet… no chance! The only alternative in this situation is to refinish. Unless of course you use SSR

Before                                   After

Price Comparisons
Smart Repair 1 Panel £65 or more Loss of factory finish. Manufacturers paint and corrosion warranty expires

Bodyshop 1 Panel £200 or more colour matching may involve the whole side being painted and blended in. Loss of factory finish Manufacturers paint and corrosion warranty expires

Our SSR 1St panel £35 + 2nd and subsequent panels panel £25 each. PLUS VAT . NO loss of Factory finish, we add paint, not take it away. Unusual colours may incur £25 surcharge to source correct paint .

We can not repair previously smart repaired bumpers and panels

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