Car Ceramic, Glass and Crystal Paint Protections we recommend.

The secret to longevity with all these coatings is about the preparation. All cars excluding brand new will need our Paint Renovation Service first from £180 plus vat. This will allow the coating to bond correctly with the paint and not seal in any fine scratchesThe strong bond gives unbeatable resistance to UV, dirt and water making the surface highly scratch and swirl resistant and much easier to clean!

The different products all offer different results. We have tested them all and know they work. We have tested many others and we don’t recommend them. We need repeat customers.

The Benefits of Ceramic, Glass and Crystal Coatings.


Protects all exterior paintwork and locks in the showroom shine; making your vehicle more attractive to buyers when the time comes to resell it. Some can produce a much glossier effect and others are more scratch resistant.

Saves Time

No need to polish your car. These coatings are active ingredient which repels dirt and grime making cleaning your car easier and quicker.

Saves Money

The reduced build-up of dirt and grime leads to savings on the cost of washing and waxing. These coatings will also prevent paintwork dulling over time.


Williams F1 Ceramic Coating

Excellent all round product product with 5 year Guarantee

Will resist caustic chemicals used in hand car washes and strong enough to go on alloy wheels.

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Autoglym Lifeshine From £190 plus vat

Excellent product with 5 year guarantee. Caustic chemicals from car washes will degenerate this coating . Comes with large pack of chemicals. Autoglym chemicals must be used when washing. Have been applying this for 15 years or more

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Nanolex Si3d with base coat From £210 plus Vat

This consists of 2 coatings, a basecoat and then the Nanolex Si3d. It’s a detailers product and really enhances the paint clarity and colour, especially on darker paints. It has good scratch resistant properties. We have been applying this for 5 years and have had only exceptional reviews. Will now last at least 3 to 4 years and is strong enough to resist caustic chemicals and will go on Alloy wheels.

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Gtechnic CS Black. Crystal Serum With Exo 4 From £240 plus Vat

Consists of one coating of Crystal serum light followed by 2 coatings of Exo 4. Will last 5 years with paint work colour enhancement and swirl and caustic chemical resistance. Separate wheel armour protection. Will last 5 years.

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Kisho Ceramic Coating From £525 plus Vat

We are approved detailer for this new to the UK product. 3 coatings for the paint work, with separate glass and wheel protection. Totally amazing paint enhancement with extreme scratch resistance. 5 year warranty.

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Zertona Ceramic Coating From £190 plus Vat introductory price

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We are an approved detailer for this amazing product. It was originally developed for the Aviation and marine industry coating aircraft and boats . Its that good they extended it to industrial plant, diggers, excavators. They have now released it for the Car industry and we are the first approved Detailers for this . Its just one coating but is so much thicker creating an amazing hard and durable finish. Initially comes with a 3 year guarantee, but under our testing we gave up after a 100 washes as it was still going strong.

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