Car Leather Cleaning Conditioning Protecting Repairs And Recolouring

We can repair & restore:

  • Dry, hard, cracked or torn leather
  • Small rips, tears and scratches
  • Grease & water stains
  • Burns and holes
  • Colour damages
  • Pet scratches
  • Cleaning and Conditioning
  • Protecting

Old Leather classic car              New Leather

Repairing, Connolising, and Recolouring  1960s Jaguar Mk2 

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This Jaguar came in for a complete Full valet and for its seats to be reconnolised as they were stained, cracked and brittle. As you can see from the pictures below they were bleached by the sun, had various stains and were extremely brittle.

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A closer inspection showed holes and cracks which would need to be repaired.

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Before carrying out repairs we had too bring the suppleness back to the leather. Leather hardens through age and also lack of care. If the leather has not been used for a long time the fibres will dry out through lack of movement. Heat also causes leather to shrink. This old leather was the processed vegetable tanned variety which hardens and shrinks at a temperature of about 70 °C  The less a leather is re-oiled through care, the lower the temperature at which it will start to shrink.

In this case we used a leather  Softener oil for 2 days, before we could attempt any repairs. On the underside of the leather the fibres would have been all woven together  over time and now that the oil had penetrated these we  now kneaded the leather  to further increase suppleness.

We now started to repair the holes and cracks with various fillers .

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Once these cracks and holes were filled and sanded smooth, a undercoat was applied to the seats.

We now needed to apply the colour coat. The leather from this car is Vegetable tanned and quite shiny unlike modern cars which are chromed tanned and have a matt finish. Underneath the seats the original colour was found as it had been left away from the elements. The colour was matched and sprayed on, followed by 2 coats of clear coat . We then test the seats for colour fastness.  We then apply a leather conditioner and protector. We then apply Elephant Leather Preserver protecting and waterproofing, as well as keeping the leather supple. Made out of 100% synthetic fat, it is acid free, odour neutral and free of vegetable or animal fats. Museums use this recipe to protect and preserve old and hardened leather. It guards the leather against mould or bleaching, while waterproofing it.

Vegetable tanned seats have that leather aroma where as modern chrome tanned seats have little . We have a leather essence we can now apply to the seats to restore that original aroma.

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We were asked to restore the door cards, but with our specialist cleaners we found we could clean the 60 years of dirt off and return to a nearly new condition.


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