Kisho Ceramic Paint Protection


Kisho Premium Ceramic Coating From Japan just like adding a layer of glass to your car.

Cleaner Cars Ltd are a Kisho UK partner

Ultimate in Paint Protection.

Kisho Nano coating creates thousands of microscopic ceramic layers to protect the vehicle exterior. These layers actually encase the whole vehicle in a glasslike shell to protect it from scratches, damage and oxidisation while enhancing the paint work beneath.


  • Provides a high gloss, reflective shine
  • Lasts for 60 months. Comes with 5 year guarantee
  • Repels water, dirt & grim
  • Significantly enhances water beading
  • Provides a incredible slick finish inhibiting the adherence of contaminants like tar and oils
  • Inhibits staining from industrial & environmental fallout
  • Provides swirl resistance. Its 6h hard where your paint is 2h to 3h hard
  • Alloy wheel Protection, brake dust removed easily
  • Glass protection, water n=beads off for up to 6 months



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