Coronavirus/covid-19 eliminator

Airvidox Virus & Bacteria Eliminator

AirVidox Virus & Bacteria Eliminator sanitises your vehicle in a single treatment. It releases a chlorine dioxide gas into the vehicle which sanitises the air and surfaces. No need to wipe your car down beforehand and risk getting ill. 

We have in stock a new antiviral vehicle sanitiser, specifically developed for the current covid 19 climate where the virus can linger on hard surfaces for up to 9 days, meaning an infected person renders that vehicle unusable until treated.

So any shared vehicles could pass the virus on to your fellow staff.  After each use of the vehicle no matter what cleaning you do you can not get everywhere, but this gas will. If you have to interrupt the process you can, just open the doors, put the top on. Chloride Dioxide gas, when exposed to UV, breaks down to oxygen and a salt water compound which gives a slight chlorine smell that can be masked with the air freshener provided.

You need to keep your vehicles on the road. This is an easy way you can sterilise the vehicle yourselves. No training is required.

The product works by releasing a measured dose of dry Chlorine Dioxide gas (>0.1ppm over an 3.5 hour period).

The vehicle doesn’t have to be cleaned beforehand. One just has to remove any items of clothing as well as child seats so that the gas can reach all surfaces. The vehicle can be used right away once the gas has been aired out.

The product costs just £19 plus vat. Minimum order of 12. Orders over 500 £16.66 plus vat.

In hospital and other healthcare environments, chlorine dioxide gas helps to sterilize medical and laboratory equipment, surfaces, rooms and tools. It kills bacteria and Viruses.

Chlorine Dioxide gas on interaction with ultraviolet light eg with exposure to UV it breaks down immediately to a Salt Water compound and Oxygen.

Technical detail  has set a Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) for chlorine dioxide at 0.1 parts per million (ppm), or 0.3 milligrams (mg) per cubic meters (m3) for workers using chlorine dioxide for general industrial purposes. Its always produced on site. This is the Level our product is producing for the first 3 hours.